Ban evictions on campus!

We, students at ANU and UC,  call on our university administration to ban evictions of students during the COVID-19 public health crisis. No student should be forced into homelessness.

We are experiencing an unprecedented health and financial crisis that is affecting us all. Many of us have lost work or been stood down with no pay. With no incomes we are struggling to pay for food and rent.

Centrelink can’t keep up with demand for help.  Youth Allowance is not enough to survive on. For those who can access it, the increased rate of Youth Allowance won’t be paid until the end of April. With no income, how can we pay rent?

No student should be left without a home, especially during COVID-19. Students who have stayed at college have done so because this is our home. For many of us, our families are overseas or interstate, and we have nowhere else to go. 

We need our university to act as a public institution with a duty of care towards it’s students, not a landlord making profit.  

Sign on to support the call for our university to ensure no student will be evicted for ANY reason, including rent arrears.

Ban Evictions on Campus

“I call on the university administration to publicly commit to banning evictions of students from on campus residence during the COVID-19 public health crisis.”

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