About the Young Workers Advice Service

We are young workers organising to end wage-theft, exploitation and unsafe work.

The Young Workers Advice Service is for all workers in the ACT aged under 25 years. We are supported by UnionsACT.

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Free workplace information

Access our free workplace fact sheets about wages, pay slips, health & safety, employment conditions and more.


Become a volunteer at the Centre and help take action to end wage-theft, exploitation and unsafe work in the ACT.

Schools & College

Are you teacher at a school or college? We provide free briefings and presentations on workplace rights, and work health and safety.

Young union leaders

We're developing the future leaders of the trade union movement, by providing free training and development.

Get information and support

We provide free information, assistance and referrals for workers in the ACT aged under 25.

Our advice is free and completely confidential.

You can either fill out the form on our website or email us directly at youngworkerscbr@unionsact.org.au to get advice about your rights at work.

Get advice

Is your boss stealing wages from you?

Help us to campaign to stop wage theft. Let us know what's happening in your workplace. We'll keep your personal details confidential:

email youngworkerscbr@unionsact.org.au

  • We're building power with young workers to tackle the wage-theft crisis and develop the next generation of union leaders.
    Kasey Tomkins
    Secretary, UnionsACT
  • The Young Workers Advice Service goes beyond merely informing and educating young people about their rights at work. We’re actively working with young workers to make real change.
    Elijah Smith
    Service Officer, Young Workers Centre
  • Great work UnionsACT. ACT young workers will now have quick and low cost justice.
    Sally McManus
    Secretary, ACTU
  • For the first time in the ACT, young workers will be able to obtain information and advice on their workplace rights from one centralised place, using a variety of tools, including online and phone-based systems. The service will provide trusted advice and assistance to Canberra’s young workers.
    Rachel Stephen-Smith
    Former ACT Industrial Relations Minister


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