About the Young Workers Advice Service

The Young Workers Advice Service is for all workers in the ACT aged under 25. 

Young workers are twice as likely to be ripped off or seriously injured at work as older workers. More than half of young workers have had their wages stolen by their adult boss. 

Knowing your rights and what to do if you are getting ripped off is the first step to stopping the exploitation.

That’s why UnionsACT launched the Young Workers Advice Service.


We are young workers organising

We cannot achieve meaningful progress on the issues young workers care about when Australia’s workplace laws and regulators are rigged in favour of employers. 

The time to act is now. Our generation of working people need to organise to build power, and to do that, we need you to join with us.


We stand for young workers

Our Team

Bold. Passionate. Committed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have we missed one? Email us youngworkerscbr@unionsact.org.au

Who runs the Young Workers Advice Service

The Young Workers Advice Service is an initiative of UnionsACT, which funds the activities of the service, and employs its staff. UnionsACT is the peak union council for the Canberra trade union movement, representing 33,000 union members. Find out more about UnionsACT here

Are you different to the Victorian Young Workers Centre?

Yes, we’re different our sister Young Workers Centre in Victoria. Each state and territory has its own specific Young Workers Centre or Hub, operated by the local Trades and Labour Council. 

We work together and share information, and if you need a referral, we can help you. 

Can you provide legal advice

Unfortunately we cannot provide legal advice. However, we can provide you with a referral to either:

  1. 1. Your union, which can give you specific advice about workplace matters; or 
  2. 2. A specialised law firm, which can provide you legal advice.

I need advice about a specific work issue. Can you help?

We’ll definitely try to. Get in touch with us on our Advice page and tell us all about it. 

Make sure you include as much information as you can.

Get assistance

Where does the Young Workers Advice Service get its money?

The Young Workers Advice Service is resourced by UnionsACT, through a combination of fees paid by affiliated trade unions, and donations from individuals who support the work we. 

We also receive funding from the ACT Government, via a service agreement. 

Is all your information and support free?

Yes, all the information and support we offer is completely free of charge.

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